September 1, 2015

How to Not Lose Your Sh!t in the Mornings

The clock is always ticking!

Not many parents are unfamiliar with the madness of getting out the door for school and/or work. Most of us simply want to leave in a timely manner without having to zoom down the streets like we’re in a Fast & Furious movie! Am I right?

The new school year has started for my crew but before our last day of summer freedom, I made a decision. I decided that this year is going to be different than last year! I simply cannot afford to be that crazed, stressed mom… again. My blood pressure is depending on it!

This is how to avoid becoming that parent:

*Wake up as well rested and refreshed as possible. Sleep is vital to health and sanity! I know some of you have extenuating circumstances that prevent this. However, for the rest of my fellow night owls, all of that t.v. watching, reading, and love of free time we love to partake in (while the rest of our household is snoring) needs a time limit! You simply cannot stay up all night and expect to not act like a pissed off Hulk the next day. Go to bed!

*Make sure you get as much done as possible the night before. Nothing makes you scream “WTF” faster than waking up (before roosters crow) to realize you have a ton to do. It’s not a good look nor a good feeling!

*Have everyone’s clothes already laid out and ready to put on. If you’re like me and refuse to iron unless you and Chris Hemsworth are meeting for lunch, ensure that the dryer is empty and ready to do its wrinkle-releasing magic! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed my dryer in the mornings only to find it full of laundry from the day before. Ugh!

*If you’re not the type to cook ahead for the week, at least have in mind (the night before) what your family will be eating for breakfast (the next morning). And uh… make sure you actually have those items in your fridge or pantry to prepare. “You girls want cereal for breakfast today? Woops! We don’t have milk. How about toast? Woops! Sorry. No bread.” Talk about morning chaos. This is a sure way to start it!

*Put all purses, briefcases, backpacks, and those forever lost keys by the door! And for goodness sakes, make sure everything that should be in those bags was done so the night before. My daughter has gotten way too many pink slips because of us having to turn around and head back home for cell phones and homework. Hey, it happens. Hopefully, not this year!

*Be prepared to get your errands done early when possible. Have your lists, coupons, medical insurance cards or whatever you’re going to need to complete your to-do’s for the day with you. Ever gotten to the other side of town, a grocery store, or an appointment only to realize you don’t have what you need? That really sucks! And let me add, there’s a bit of euphoria to arriving at grocery stores before the masses. It’s almost like being on a “high”… or so I’ve heard.

*Limit your morning internet time people! We all awaken like addicts, fiending for our first social media hit. Our reliance on these outlets to inform us of worldly happenings and our exes mishaps is almost scary but true nonetheless. Either set an alarm to fulfill this urge in a small chunk of time or don’t do it at all until you have some down-time. Like that’s going to happen right?

Now that I’ve shared what’s working for my family (so far) this school year to avoid the crazy, implement that shit. Try it, tweek it, whatever you need to do to make it work for you. Different strokes for different folks! I hope something here helps. Let me in on some of your tricks too. Right now I have a toddler doing her best to rip my shirt off so I can’t think of anything else to write. Ha!

Good luck with it all!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha!!! It takes some getting used to for sure Denise!

  2. I am definitely the pissed off Hulk in the morning! Late night seems to be the only time I can get anything done without being bothered by anyone but then I wake up tired and in a rush. lol I need to find balance.

    1. Yes! Find the balance Samantha. Rest is SO MUCH MORE important. We need it in order to accomplish anything else we want to do. I soooo understand the whole "late night" thing. That used to be me every night!

  3. This year we are leaving even earlier. To get her to school we leave 7am. A big cup of coffee has been helping me but, when the time changes is when we'll really be challenged!

    1. We leave early as well Theresa. We are usually at school, in line, before it opens. Lol! It keeps me from rushing and fussing- which means a better morning for everyone. It also gets my day started earlier so I won't have so much to do in the evenings.

      Well.... sometimes. =)