September 15, 2015

What A Mighty Mug It Is!

I love my Mighty Mug! Wait… I forgot to put that in all caps. I LOVE MY MIGHTY MUG!

When this awesome company offered me the chance to try out one of their mugs in exchange for my honest opinion, I immediately wanted to throw away all of the old mugs in my cabinet! I’ve needed something like this for a while so heck yeah I was willing to do it! It's the perfect mug for anyone with kids, pets, or just prone to clumsiness (this includes me)! 

Fast forward to the “loving my Mighty Mug” part...

It has now been a couple of weeks. I've tested it to be sure that it lives up to it's name and I have no complaints so far. This thing is awesome and you can’t ignore how gorgeous it is! These mugs are offered in a variety of colors but I just had to have the red one. I won’t repeat everything that I mentioned in the video but I will say again… visit their website asap! 

Seeing that you've watched the video and you gots ta have one (like I did), this is your lucky day because they are giving one of my fabulous readers a free one! Yes, that means one of YOU!

Thumbs up, head nod, and hip hip hooray for giveaways right??!!

Whether you win one or order one be sure to read the instructions so that you’ll know how to properly care for your new beauty. To enter the giveaway follow the link below:

Link---> I Want A Mighty Mug Too!

Now… after you receive yours and realize how much you love it, come back and tell me about your experience. Let me know what you honestly think. 

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  1. I have a mighty mug too.. and I am OBSESSED with it!

  2. Crazy good. My dog is always knocking over my mugs. He's a bit of a bigger dog. Like having a toddler in your house, lol. Thanks for the review Tandra!

    1. You definitely NEED one of these mugs Theresa! Be sure to enter the giveaway if you haven't. Even if you have to purchase one, it's money well spent! =)