August 26, 2015

Kids Make the Best Workout Partners

Making time to work out is challenging enough for any parent! Finding an adult to hit the gym, a trail, or fitness class with you is damn near impossible. I learned this the hard way after light years of begging and stalking. It's amazing how few people will do a burpee or squat with you! I soon realized that my best workout buddy was already wrapped around my stubbly leg.

Here’s why younger kids make the best workout partners:

-They offer the best incentives
You can’t consider yourself a fitness badass until you’ve had a toddler try to stuff an Oreo down your throat in the middle of a plank (true story)! You’re either going to cave in, lose form, and attack that doubled-stuffed monstrosity or you’ll see it as the evil it is and resist temptation. However, if you’re innovative and a tad bit of a rebel, you’ll complete your workout and reward yourself by joining that kid in licking the filling off of that cookie!

-They join in
You’ll rarely find a kid who watches you gyrate around your living room like a hashed-out flamingo and doesn’t try to imitate you! Most kids aren’t wall flowers nor do they think they’re too sexy to sweat it out with you. You’ll never have to beg again with kids around. They may not know what a burpee is but they’ll try it anyway-from their mouths first usually.

-They don’t mind your sweat-funkiness
In the minds of most younger kids, and at least for a small portion of the day, parents can do (or smell) no wrong. They don’t care about the fumes escaping your pits, breath, or other crevices. Even if your kid is the type to notice everything and points out your sweat-funky body parts, hugs and kisses are usually still welcomed. Most of us can’t even get that kind of “for better or for worse” from our spouses!

-They know music is universal
If you’re the type who likes to work out by getting your dance on, then lucky you! Your little partner probably loves almost any kind of music and will find a beat to groove to. Whether you’re blasting Eye of the Tiger, attempting to Nae Nae, or Jazzercising, your little dance partner will be right by your side supporting all of your awkward, I-can’t-dance-a-lick moves!

-They love being outdoors
Before you get all hostile on me, I'm no fool. You may have a child with a bugophobia. In other words he/she can't handle anything that buzzes or flies or crawls-especially if it's packing more than two legs! I totally understand! For some parents, however, being outdoors is calming and a great experience for them and their kid(s). If you're one who prefers the openness and freedom of being out instead of cramped between four walls, I'm sure you appreciate your little ones flexibility! There's nothing like being in sync.

-They ask the best questions
Although you may be huffing and puffing from the intensity of your workout, when your brilliant little two-footer asks why the women in your fitness dvd “smile so much” (true story),  you’ll be more than happy to reply-even if you don’t say exactly what you’re thinking. Most of us want to punch those smiling, fit beauties right in their smiles anyways.

-They bring the humor
No matter where the party is, kids come prepared! They bring the funny packed loosely in their sticky, toy-filled gym bags. They’re quick to tease you about your flappy triceps, pokey belly fat, or jiggly thighs.  However, they do it in the most loving way possible! Okay… I know you’re calling CRAP on this one but I bet they make you laugh at some point during the workout. Right?!

-They enjoy the simple things in life
By the end of the workout, you’re both more than likely in need of a snack and a rest.  What better way to cool down than by enjoying something nutritious (or not), watching a Disney flick, and cuddling with your little two-footer. I’m sure they’ll have no objections!

And hey… if you saved that Oreo til the end, more power to ya! I think you’re a bona fide genius!

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  1. I love working out with my youngest daughter. She's all about fitness and I swear she'll be a trainer one day! She's a great motivator! :)

    1. That's awesome! My girls motivate me as well with their energy. At least, when they're not trying to hang on me or stuff things in my mouth! Lol!

  2. Love this and you're right, kids are the BEST workout partners! Plus they can keep going and going (and you want to quite but you don't want to be outdone by a 4-year-old)! lol

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Exactly! They have energizer bunny batteries in their bodies. Luckily, I've reached a level in stamina where I wear them out more often than they do me. At least for now. Thanks for stopping by!

      You have a lovely day as well <3

  3. I love doing yoga with my little ones:) it's so much more fun and less stressful than going to the gym or a workout class.

    1. I agree! Less stress and less expensive! Plus it's usually fun working out with my girls and much more versatile.

  4. What a fun post! ha! I love that you've had to endure the temptation of an oreo mid plank. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Nicole! The Oreo was almost my Achilles heel. Lol! Looking forward to linking up again in the future. Thanks for having me. =)

  5. I'm totally with you on this. I workout with my toddler because that is usually the only option. She has been working out with me for so long she knows the routine. Baby girl cans squat, plank and push up with the best of them.

    1. It's awesome that she knows the routine! Lol! My daughters also know some of mine. I think it's so cute and boosts my ego a little knowing that I'm consistent enough for them to learn it. Ha! Thanks for sharing that. =)