June 8, 2015

Cheesing From Ear to Ear

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I LOVE books; all kinds of books! Annnd you know that the fun of reading is something I'm adamant about sharing with and instilling in my daughters. So when the company I See Me! Inc. contacted me to review their latest children's book(s), I sprinted and leaped at the opportunity!

Are you kidding me??? My girls love to read as much as I do. Winning!

I was happy that the ordering process was so simple and I found the personalization to be unique and refreshing. Customers are able to customize the books with dedications and photos.What person, especially a child, doesn't like something made specifically for them? When my girls saw their names on the book covers, they were sold! You'd think we were having a free-for-all at Monkey Joe's! They were cheesing from ear to ear!

Flowers added here for privacy. Your child's name will be where the flowers are on the books.

My oldest (7yo) received the inspiring book I Wish You More. It is colorful, age appropriate, and not only is her name on the cover, it is throughout the book. She feels like a celebrity every time we read it! This book is full of well wishes, laughter, and adventure-something most seven year olds can easily relate to.

The book It's My NIGHT NIGHT Time was dedicated to my youngest (1yo). The size was perfect for her little hands! The animals and colors attracted her immediately. Again, throughout the book, the personalization continued with her name spelled out on most of the pages. We used that as an extra teaching tool for spelling her name. She was thrilled! This book is all about your little toddler's bedtime adventure and will hopefully make the process more enjoyable. If your little one is like mine, transitioning to bed isn't always the calmest time of the day.

You know what I mean right? Yep. I thought so!

I must admit... our family was floored by the quality and durability of the books. Sometimes companies will send you quality-lacking products, aka some "mess", but not this time. I See Me! Inc, it's authors, and illustrators have gained a new fan! One thing we have not tested with the toddler's book is it's ability to handle sticky fingers and spills. But we all know that will come in time! If the book doesn't stand the test, I'll come back with an update.


Bottom line... this company is the real deal. They offer unique, personalized children's books that you AND your kids will be proud to own. Hey... you can even purchase them for birthdays and holidays for the other little ones in your life. Just in case books aren't what you're looking for, they also offer lunchboxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, stickers, and growth charts. So many items to choose from guys. I haven't tried the other products but it doesn't seem that you can go wrong!

When I asked the girls how they felt about their books, my oldest replied "I LOVE MY BOOK! I just love it!" The youngest replied with a head nod and a smile. So they showed their approval with two thumbs up!

If you order from I See Me! Inc, be sure to let me know your experience and opinions of their products. And if  you choose to follow them via social media, be sure to mention that you found them on Thriller Mom! As always, thanks for being here and reading my post. Don't forget to subscribe, follow my other outlets, and to vote for me by clicking on the little lady below. Thanks again!

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