August 15, 2014

Five Friday Favorites!

My first ever link up with the talented Whispering Loudly! Be sure to visit her site and check her out. She truly is great! Now lets get down to business.

My favorite things from the week are:

1. Kipling Bag!

I've never heard too much about Kipling bags because I live in a cave. But, I love the array of colors they offer (especially my red one). The inside liner is like that of a diaper bag so it doubles as that, a purse and even a lunch bag (if need be). I'm enjoying the versatility. This was a thrift store find, basically brand new! And the price? A whopping $3! You can see me happy right? LOVE for thrifting! 

2. Burt's Bees Facial cleanser! 

This is one of my fave facial cleansers! I like to use it at night during my shower. It's safe to use twice per day but my skin has her own mind and rebels quite often. It gives a nice little tingly feeling which lets me know my face is all clean! I found this on sale at good 'ole Target.

3. Tostidos!

OMG! So damn good! My mouth is watering as I type this. Oh yes people. I am addicted to all things Tostidos and Artisan! I've tried the Black Bean one. It's good too but not like this. And guess what I paired it with???? Check out my #4.

4. Hummus!

 Jackpot! Holy hero in a hand basket this junk is good!!!!!!!  The combination of the Tostidos and this hummus...WOW. All I can do is advise you to try them together. Or apart if that's more your style.

5. My family!

Of course my family will always be my MOST FAVE of any week! Today we made a last minute dash to the lake. Some fresh air, exercise, and scenic views were well needed! I pushed lil cub in the stroller as we watched these two make their way across the water. This moment...priceless!

What are some of your favorite things from the week? You can hook up with Whispering Loudly right here:

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  1. I love bargains! Sounds like You hit jack pot. Lol yesterday was just one of those days where i should of just stayed in bed. I woke up with migration an my daughter decided to be in one of her you can't please me moods. Then my dogs got muddy so i gave them a bath put them in their cage an gave claire a bath then i went down to get dogs out an the laundry was flooded so i had to put my wet dogs outside while i get everything out of laundry room so i could dry the floor. Needless to say moving our washer waa not fun my back is killing me. But i got everything back in an my again muddy dogs back in their cage an it was bedtime for everyone lol

  2. Yes I did hit the jackpot with a few things! It wasn't a VERY eventful week but I did find some things I enjoyed. As for you, seems you've been super busy! Lol! Be careful & take it easy. A hurt back is not good for anyone! Thanks for reading!

  3. Love the purse! I love a good thrifted find (and I make sure to tell everyone just how little I paid for my finds too).

    I actually love all the Burt's Bees line. So many great products.

    Thanks for sharing and for stopping by the #SHINEbloghop!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.