July 3, 2014

I Don't Need Any Charges

Day 4

Get Up, Get Out, Live Life!

     From the moment my eyes opened & my feet hit the floor, I only seemed to do one thing...YELL. "Stop doing that!" "Don't pull on her!" "Eat your food!" "Stop licking the baby gate!" "Don't ask me for anything else!" "That doesn't go in your ears!" It's perplexing to me how many random things a parent can yell in a 24 hour period.

     This is my first "summer break" & I'm already over it. Don't get me wrong. By the end of the school year, I was exhausted with the whole school routine. The early mornings, the zombie-fied shuffle to the coffee maker, the pleading with big cub to get out of bed, the lunch planning, the packing of lunches, driving to & from school, loading/unloading cubs, and then the rest of the day's routine. Whew! Now I'm ready for school to begin again. I think.

     There are still a few unchecked activities on my list for the day. I lived life but that living was in the form of responsibility. Ooooh. Such a big, STUPID, word. It's the ultimate bully dontcha know?

So let's see. Let's review what I did today.

1. Hunted down the stash of DECAF coffee shoved in the back of the cabinets. I was out of regular.

2. Accepted food requests only to have them rejected. Effers! After all my hard work.
3. Stared at a sink full of dishes that I was "getting to" for hours.
4. Complained about the nasty floors as I continuously stepped over the mop...that cleans the floor.
5. Argued with cubs. Yelled at cubs. Repeat. Encore. Repeat.
6. Debated (finally) allowing my breakdown to happen or to save it for later.

     So no. I didn't make it out today. I may not make it out tomorrow. But I'm gonna try. My cub's behaviors (today) convinced me to stay home! I don't need any charges & I doubt handcuffs look good on me! Nor do I want to be thrown inside my padded room until I check myself in! If we had gone out, one of those things would've happened! Lol.

     The point is that I tried & that's what this challenge is all about. I'm learning to make an effort to get dressed & look human. Hell, I may not put on lipstick daily but a bit of gloss never hurts! You may not catch me sporting stilettos anytime soon but perhaps my wedges will look cute on. WE DESERVE TO BE SEEN PEOPLE! That's why we MUST make efforts to get up & out more often. Let someone besides our family know that we've still got it. Maybe tomorrow I'll strut my stuff!

Be sure to look out for my Day 5 post. You know you're dying to find out, IF my wedges will make their debut!

Join the challenge! Post pics of your daily journeys. Follow this blog & the Thriller Mom Facebook page. Ahhh shucks people. You know what to do by now. Lol!

LIVE life! See you in the next 24!


  1. Can't always win but all you can do is try like you said . And girl you better go get you some more coffee!

  2. I'm seriously considering having Amazon send me a weekly box of coffee. This mom is no good to anyone until after her caffeine fix.

  3. Orange is the new black! And just think about all the peace and quiet you'd have in solitary if you act really crazy!