July 2, 2014

Call Me Ms. IcyHot

Day 3

Get Up, Get Out, Live Life!

I declare today a success because I pounded the pavement with determination!

I had on my running gear, my kicks, a gallon of water in tow, & a tad bit of "I don't really wanna do this!" However, I did it. I ran until my lungs & legs gave up! Ha! It was fun & a HUGE stress relief. 

Big cub & the Mr rocked the wheels & followed me!

 Lil cub occupied her royal place in life & slept like a log while being chauffeured around. Lucky lil stinker! She has no idea that she's living THE LIFE right now!

 After all of that sweating, I got my butt on the playground & let loose with my cubs! That's right. I tackled those monkey bars without a shoulder slip. Then I hit the slides & swings like a champ. At least until more kids on the playground befriended big cub. Against my will they made ME the designated pusher of all things swing or slide. Dang kids! They know how to slap you with a strong dose of reality.

I AM NO LONGER A CHILD & that harsh reality sucks!

That's okay, I guess, because I got out & did something with my life. Now I better put this bag-o-bones in some hot water before my muscles revolt! Look out honey! Mamas wearing the "good stuff" tonight. Just call me Ms. IcyHot. Told ya I'm bringing sexy back! (kissy, kissy)

Don't forget to follow my journey during this challenge. It's gonna get a bit more "out there" & I'm gonna need you to hold my hand. Sometimes I'm not as brave as I seem! Post your own pics or tell your own getting up & out story here & on my Facebook page. www.facebook.com/thrillermom

Until tomorrow, I bid you adieu! LIVE that Life won't ya?! 


  1. Loved this post! Its so nice to get out there an play with your kids ��

  2. Thanks Roseanna! It really IS great to get out & moving! I thoroughly enjoyed. =)