July 6, 2014

Road Trip

Days 5 & 6

Get Up, Get Out, Live Life!        

     I'm sitting in our hotel room trying to type this & stay true to my 30 day challenge. The cubs are delirious from the sun & the Mr seems to have a bit of heat exhaustion. Lil cub is literally standing on the bed, harassing me to let her nurse...as I type. It's moments like this that I miss my breasts being "private parts." I miss when they belonged to ME... only. But that's another story! Let me fill you in on what we've been up to the past two days.

     Day 5 wasn't very eventful. I did the usual.
But I went to the grocery store only to forget my purse,
go back home for it, & return to the store,
The forgotten purse.
By the time I made it home again, I had had it up to here (insert hand measurement). Why? Well you know, MOTHERHOOD. Then the Mr decides to take us all out of town for the weekend. Oh you fabulous penis packer! What a truly great idea! Mama could seriously use a getaway.

     Day 6 was much different. We packed, plotted our course, loaded up, & headed out. Yeah right! If only it was that easy! Getting cubs together for a trip is like herding cattle injected with C4! It was a madhouse & I was the warden. The poor warden who got stuck with the handling of the crazies. Nevertheless, we made it happen & were finally on our way.

     Yay! It's July 4th, aka Independence Day! Everyone is out, dressed in their finest American flag attire, looking for good food & good times. We were among those seekers. We made it to the hotel & were
Great decor. Airy, colorful, & bright. We changed to a larger room so the cubs would have plenty of running space. In other words, so they would leave us the heck alone.

                                                              Everyone was happy.

     A bit later, big cub went for a splash in the pool with "daddy." But all we could think was "Where are the fireworks?!" There can't be a July 4th without fireworks ya know! Lil cub fell asleep in her pjs before we left but was dragged out by her diaper anyways. She couldn't miss her first July 4th! Needless to say, she was not happy nor impressed. It was hell on Earth getting to the event & finding a parking space. Our hardship paid off, however, because the display was beautiful, loud, & colorful. This ended our eventful night & we headed back in to do some snoring.

What did YOU do for the 4th? Did you get up, get out, & live life? If so, tell me all about it. Pics are more than welcome, too!


  1. Best line ever...
    "Getting cubs together for a trip is like herding cattle injected with C4!"

    Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard.

    We're Canadian so our big celebration was July 1st! We've never gone the Canada Day fireworks show because it's not dark until 11 pm here (a midnight bedtime for two kids is like evoking the rotten behaviour next day hangover)!

    Looks like a great vacation!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Lol! The struggle is real! And yes, having the kids out at 11pm is seriously asking for a meltdown...your own! Lol. Thanks for stopping by! =)