July 1, 2014

Getting Out Is Harder Than It Seems

Day 2
All those wonderful shades of brown!

     Get Up, Get Out, Live Life! I got up, life happened, but as for getting out, I didn't get very far. Lil cub, had a different plan for me. Very different. A plan that was no fun at all. Not for ANY of us.

     What joy to wake up in a good mood, ready to divide & conquer. And by divide I mean do most of the inside work alone. The Mr stepped up to the plate outdoors. Big cub was forced to lend a hand & gave her best rendition of "clean up/clean up/everybody everywhere" (You know the rest of that annoying/useful song). But moms can rarely leave well-enough alone. We always have to redo something! Right? Don't lie!

     I thought I had the day well planned. I thought I had my ish together. I thought the day would be smooth sailing. You know, easy. Easy like a Sunday morning should be. But oh no! All of that changed when lil cub was in the middle of a tantrum & puked all of 2014's meals on her dad, the couch, the floor, & myself. The most infamous volcano eruptions have nothing on this! 
If this wasn't a puke reference, it would be beautiful.
Don't worry lunatics. I'll spare ya anymore details. Besides, there's more to talk about.

     Mom to the rescue! I handled the clean up & the soothing like a wannabe superhero. Here I was thinking she was sick but the lil bugger only wanted me to pop a boobie in her mouth! Go figure! I mean really! Who. Does. That? (I know that nursing is a calming mechanism but I wouldn't be ME if I didn't joke about it.) Back to business. Just as soon as the storm seemed to calm, along comes another load but this time from below! She graced us & her diapers 2-3 times. Ugggh!!! I think we were right in declaring it a NOT-going-away-from-home kinda day. Don't you agree?

     By now you may pity me. You're maybe laughing at my demise. You may think I didn't pull it together but... I did. I got OUT of the house & went right into my backyard. The girls & I took a brief walk. I reclaimed a moment of sanity. The day was hard-as most of them are- but the sun was shining. I was still breathing & THAT was good enough for me. Ahhhh. Day three, here I come!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post & JOIN ME in this challenge. Post comments, pics, etc, about your own adventures. Tell me how you got up, got out, and lived YOUR life. I wanna know all the deets! Do it here & on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thrillermom.


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