June 29, 2014

Get Up, Get Out, Live Life!

Day 1 

I did it guys! I Got Up, Got Out, & LIVED Life! My little fam & I decided to go fishing. We haven't done that in years so we were not prepared in the slightest!

We had to brave the aisles of Walmart, with the "people of  Walmart,"
& the craziness that THAT involves. Fishing rod...CHECK! Worms...CHECK! Snacks...CHECK! Lord knows we can't forget the snacks! We also put on sunscreen but we forgot the bug repellant which means that a few mosquitos didn't have to buy dinner. The free meal was on us, literally. Bummer! But in spite of pesky bugs, itchy legs, & blazing sun, we braved on!

     In true mommy fashion, I was the designated photographer for most of our pics. I don't mind so much because my Mr doesn't have the "eye" for pics that I do. But PLEASE don't tell him that! I have to remind him to turn the camera around, zoom in, zoom out, face this way & that. Lol! But it's all in good fun & he puts up with my anal retentiveness, so I can't complain right?! We captured some pretty good pics. For instance, the first perfect spot to fish. There can only be 5-10 perfect spots right?

Big Cub's first catch. She had 7 by days end! Woo hoo!

                                              And there's nothing like some daddy-daughter love.

     Needless to say, we had a blast! We reconnected with nature & saw 2 snakes. That's about as connected as I can get & enough to get some pep in MY step. I don't do snakes! We walked over a mile on the walking trail (around the lake). Nothing like some good ole exercise! We admired the trees, skipped-to-our-loos, imagined haunting scenarios of forest ghosts, & contemplated our many kick-ass escapes! The evening weather couldn't decide on a mood, so by the 3rd storm scare, we were all tuckered out. Seriously, the frickin sun was going down for Pete's sakes! But in true Lil Cub style, no matter the level of fatigue, there's always time for a selfie!

I'm excited about the next Get Up, Get Out, LIVE Life adventure! For the next 30 days, why don't YOU join us?! It'll be so much fun lunatics!

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Be sure you loonies get your butts back here to get in on the fun! If ya know Thriller Mom, ya know it may get a little crazy up in here! Lmao! And oh yeah, welcome to the family! =)


  1. Woo hoo! Take the world by storm my love! Great pics! I especially love the umbrella and the rear-view mirror selfie! I also am blogging my summer away with great family pictures in my Casa de Drama series! I will be sure to stop by Thriller Mom on Facebook and share some with you guys!! <3 xoxo

  2. Thanks Drama Momma! So happy you stopped by. And yes! Please share some pics with me/us. I'm looking forward to that! =)