April 15, 2016

Families Can Save Money When Traveling

I love to save money, don’t you? When planning for vacations and short road trips, spending less is mandatory for my family. Attentiveness towards our budget opens doors to experience more. Here’s how we make travel savings happen. 

Plan Properly
We like to avoid holiday, weekend, and peak-season travel. When unavoidable, we lodge as close to our planned activities as possible. Utilizing shuttles and city buses cuts spending when alternate transportation is needed. Hey, try Uber too! We haven't yet but we plan to. 

Pack light
Simply put… we only take what we need. Learn to mix, match, and re-wear clothing. Excess luggage puts more strain on your vehicle causing you to spend more on gas. Also, consider the extra baggage expenses accrued when traveling by plane, etc. That stuff adds up!

Split Costs
We plan trips with people whose company we enjoy. Split the cost of lodgings and gas with others. If there are enough of you in attendance, you may qualify for group rates at some venues. Don’t forget to check sites like Groupon.com and Livingsocial.com for more options.

Ditch Traditional Lodgings
Condotels and Airbnb are our go-tos! Off-season rates are phenomenal! If you prefer hotel/motel stays, use travel/discount sites like Priceline, Travelocity, Kayak, Trivago, Hotels.com, virturaltourist.com, and the like. Headed to the mountains? Try a log cabin or a bed & breakfast. Daring solo travelers may find couchsurfing.com or wwoof.net a lifesaver; Stay at a stranger’s home for free, a small fee, or in exchange for a little elbow grease! It’s not my thing but it may be yours. Good luck!

Rebuke Laziness
I get it. You’re on vacation. You don’t want to do ON VACATION what you do at home. I get all of that, I really do but if you want to save money, something has to give. Purchase and prepare your own food if you have a kitchenette. If you bring your own hot plate or griddle, please unplug them. Safety first!

Plan to eat out once per day or less. Some hotels offer continental breakfast; Inquire when you make reservations. If cooking during your trip is a no-go, clip coupons before you leave. Check the sites of your favorite restaurants. They may have printable coupons or offer discounts on certain days. Kids sometimes eat for free. Also, try sharing plentiful meals. We live for that!

Set a Budget
Have limits for daily spending and abide by them. Try to resist doing activities you didn’t plan for. Planning ahead helps to avoid that temptation.You can use personal finance software to keep track of your spending. Then let extra money be used for gift shops, souvenirs, and ice cream. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean!

Take Advantage 
When traveling with older people or veterans, there can be many unexpected discounts. Mention those statuses when making reservations/paying. You never know until you ask right? Memberships within certain clubs and organizations (AAA) have their benefits too. So speak up! 

Double Check  
Electronic devices are infamous for overage charges. Dodge roaming fees, etc., by double checking your settings and calling your service provider to confirm specifics. Companies are sneaky when you aren’t paying attention! None of us want money leaving our pockets unknowingly.

Again, utilize coupons and group/membership discounts. Did you know that the little cards hanging from your keychains for grocery stores and pharmacies can sometimes be used for additional discounts?! It pays (literally) to do your research.

Use Your Bank
Banks (especially credit unions) often offer their members discounted rates to events. Yep. They sure do! Look to them for a hook up.

Libraries Aren’t Just for Books
Yes… the library can get you into places for free. Most only require you to have a library card and then sign up for an activity on their list. It’s that simple. Do you see how fundamental reading can be in other areas of life? Stop ignoring the libraries!

Just Ask
Sometimes savings are just a few syllables away. When all else fails, speak up and ask for better rates. You may just get what you ask nicely for! A smile goes a long way.

What are some of your travel money-saving tips? Share them in the comments below.

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