March 24, 2016

No Sleep and Panty Strings

"But I’ve been there.

I’ve gone to the depths of insanity that lack of sleep causes and set up shop. My burdened eyelids have been obese with the sleep I never received! I’ve been there and somewhere, there’s a Walmart video recording of a little chocolate woman and her panty strings to prove it!"

When the stars align, and I am afforded time for writing indulgence, I join in on the TODAY Parenting Team challenges. It is such a great community in which to laugh, cry, learn, grow, and everything in between.

Go here to bask in my No Sleep and Panty Strings fiasco. May you find a few laughs and something to relate to along the way! Thanks so much for being here. Your support is always greatly appreciated. Remember to click on the lady below to vote and keep me as a Top Mommy Blogger.

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