July 14, 2015

Sometimes Labels Are a Good Thing

Besides the typical goals of keeping my kids engaged, having fun, and preserving my sanity, one of my summer goals is to organize my kid's rooms. I want the whole nine yards! Okay, maybe that's a long shot but I at least want things labeled! Everything needs a place (again) and I think I'm ready to tackle this feat...again. One of the smartest things I've done to prepare and to make this process easier is to order sticker labels from stickerkid.com.

Not only do they offer personalized labels, the darn things are water resistant, dishwasher/microwave/fridge/freezer/washer/dryer safe! Try saying all of that in one breath! And to make you love them even more, stickerkid.com produces your stickers within 24 hours of your order placement. That's right! No running out to stores paying outrageous fees or searching for hours online for items you must wait a lifetime to receive. Stickerkid.com is THE real deal and they give you great products.

Our dishwasher test results:

Labels were applied to a plastic drinking cup and a stainless steel water bottle per the directions and washed in the dishwasher. This photo is afterwards. The bar was added to the picture on the right label for privacy. Your child's name will be placed where the bar is.
I'm so happy that I agreed to do a review when the company reached out to me. Now my girls have beautiful labels that THEY created to help keep all of their "stuff" organized and out of my hair! My oldest wanted a simple design with a princess logo. Then she helped me design a picture label for my youngest. We love them! I especially love the high quality colors and clarity of the picture.

I wish I had these when the last school year ended because you can even order the labels with phone numbers on them! There is a limit to how much space you have obviously, but what you use that space for is up to you. I would have had our phone number printed on the labels for my oldest to give to some of her classmates. How cool would it have been for her to hand out labels with her name and  number printed on them?! These fabulous labels come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and even multiple fonts!

There are so many uses for these labels too. You can label your child's belongings before they go to camp, sleepovers, daycare, parties, sporting activities, play dates, and with the new school year fast approaching, you already know how I'll be using our labels! Stickerkid.com also offers wall/door decals and other products. They truly are amazing and I'm typing this from experience! I'm a satisfied customer so far. If time shows the labels to be anything other than what the company promises, I'll be back with an update! 

One way we're using our labels:

My daughter's each have an art bin at their grandparent's house. We used our labels to identify their bins. Perfection!

Before I forget, these labels are not just for kids. Think of the creative possibilities these labels offer adults! We can label and clearly identify our own belongings for work, church, meetings, etc. And teachers could use these most of all! Anyone working in a setting with kids would find these useful. 

What a great gift right?!

Be sure to check out stickerkid.com and their other platforms. Give their products a try (if you like what you see) and tell them that you found them via Thriller Mom. Then be sure to come back here and let me know how you like and are using your products. 

I feel more optimistic about the organizing feat ahead of me now. Knowing that I have these labels sure does take some of the work off my hands. Now... if only my girl's rooms would stay organized. Hmmm... I guess enough pipe dreaming for one day huh?

Find Stickerkid at:

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  1. We are Thrilled to hear how happy you are!!! It's our best compliment to see happy parents and kids!!! Enjoy! :)

    1. We are thoroughly enjoying them! Big "thanks" to you again! <3