March 3, 2016

You Have to Choose!

“Are you committed or just interested?”

My dad, the King of Fitness, in all of his glory, has been the example of good health throughout my life. The aforementioned question is what he asks himself when he’s not in the mood to exercise or put his all into an endeavor. When he shared this with me, it hit me like Rafiki hit Simba in The Lion King.

Am I committed or just interested? Such a profound question and applicable in all areas of life; It especially pushes me to get my ish together when I’m ebbing but duty still calls.

When you are committed, you allow nothing to keep you from your obligation or focus. Lack of energy, drive, instant gratification, etc, takes a backseat to dedication. I’m not advising that you forgo adequate rest or downtime, but committed people plan ahead. They schedule time for their health, responsibilities, and commitments to the best of their ability. Living in such a fast paced society makes time management  a challenge for us all. Learning to be strategic has become a necessity.

Having an interest in something is another entity altogether. I’ve noticed that when I am only interested in a thing, I make excuses and bend the rules to fit my personal agenda. For example, pertaining to health and career goals, I come up with reasons why the pursuit of my interest is untimely. I also create supporting evidence of my need to abandon ship, whether momentarily or permanently.

We have all mistakenly made something of importance an interest when it should have been a commitment. That’s human nature, but (hopefully) we live and learn.

I implore you to be committed to YOU: your overall well-being, health, family, career, and other goals.

·Figure out what’s important to you

·Determine the order of importance of those things

·Plan how you will pursue your commitment to those areas

·Execute your plan

·Stick with your decision

We each get 24 hours per day. The only difference is how we choose to use them. Be committed to YOU and what’s important in your life!

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