December 2, 2015

Cookie Jam Comes Bearing Gifts

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Besides teasing your sweet tooth and making your mouth water for French desserts, Cookie Jam is a fun but mentally stimulating game. I became interested in the game after watching my fiancé play it repeatedly. He was totally engrossed and I, therefore, had to find out what all the hype was about!

I’m not a baker, but I would surely like to be! So when I realized I could pretend to be a chef creating fancy French dessert recipes (cookies, pies, cupcakes, special cake slices), I knew the game was going to be fun. I even had my dessert-loving daughters in mind while learning the rules.

Cookie Jam is what’s called a Match-3 puzzle game. You are given a virtual board with a bunch of pieces on it. You have to move two adjacent pieces then your objective becomes to get 3+ of the same game pieces (red hearts, orange stars, etc.) in a row or column. 
Sorry but diagonally doesn’t count.

Doing this makes the pieces disappear and the others come down to fill in the empty spaces. Matching four or five of the same pieces in a row earns you a more powerful piece that can be used to destroy multiple pieces simultaneously! You can do the same by aligning game pieces to form letters “L” or “T.” Exchanging those special, more powerful pieces creates larger explosions assisting you in clearing the board.

As you earn your 3 stars per level, Cookie Jam offers you higher levels and even greater challenges. Most give you a specific number of moves to reach your goal. There are also power-ups to help you exchange game pieces like oven mitts and rolling pins, but only a limited number.

I really like that you can ask other players for lives in this game. If you’re a serious gamer, you can use real money to buy virtual coins for even more lives! The prices vary but are well worth it if you enjoy the game. Here’s where the good news comes in!

I mentioned a “gift” for readers/gamers in my previous post about the Amazon Underground App (download here) and Amazon Double Coin Back Deals. Amazon has created a gift just for you! Simply follow the instructions below to redeem your coins!

Redemption instructions: 

1.       Follow the giveaway link & the prompted instructions:
2.       Click “Claim discount link”
3.       Log in to your Amazon account (if you haven’t already)
4.       Click “Buy Now with 1-Click”

*Just 1,000 of you will win. Get 1,000 Amazon Coins ($10 value) for $5

Enjoy your Amazon coins!

Giveaway link: 
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