October 16, 2015

Nails on Fleek

My nails are always one cuticle push-back away from goblin claws. I’m a busy woman, a busy mom, always cooking, cleaning, washing, taming, exercising, writing, typing, and doing something. While some women are fortunate enough to frequent nail salons regularly, I am not one of them. I’m lucky to still show my hands in public!

I do love nail polish and how color makes my hands look decorative and attractive. I always feel sexier and more important with my nails manicured! Ever notice how often a woman uses hand gestures when her nails are done? Pay attention next time.

Although I love polish, I’m often hesitant to apply it because no amount of base/top coat can seem to keep up with me. I become infuriated after applying a gazillion coats of everythAng only to end up with chipping! I’d rather have boring nails than walk around with little clouds of polish on my nail beds. 

Today, however, I’m using hand gestures with every syllable because my nails are gorgeous! 

No… seriously. Take a look!

My big girl showing off her photography skills. =)

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I’m flaunting my jamberry nail wraps in a carnival design. Who knew NAIL WRAPS would save my life?! I could seriously be a lifelong fan of these things! The designs/colors are limitless and they are so easy to apply. I don’t like this phrase but jamberry will have your nails "On FLEEK!"

Yep. I said it!

I’ve worn my current jamberry wraps for seven days. They have done a good job of staying in tact and maintaining a fresh appearance. I purposely applied them in preparation for a seriously busy week! I had to see if they could pass the SAHM test. 

I’ve been involved in numerous hands-on activities but my nails still look good. They are not without blemish but the imperfections are barely noticeable at this point. I was told that the wraps can last up to two weeks. While I am a fan, I don’t think they would last another similarly busy week in MY world.

Jo, a representative of jamberry nails, offered me the opportunity to try the nail wraps in exchange for my honest opinion. You know I won’t give you anything less! I think the wraps are a good buy if you’re not super busy and can afford them. Only you know how the prices fit your budget.

I'd ideally like to purchase one pack per month because one pack equals TWO manicures worth of wraps! Yes...TWO! I may visit a nail salon every other month to get cuticle treatments or I'll do it at all home. Do what works for you. Whatever floats your boat!  

As a convenience, I’m opening up a “party” for you to purchase your own. Jo has made herself available to answer any of your questions. Be sure to contact her on Facebook, via email at  Josmile321@gmail.com and she's even provided a phone number 321-480-2553

Jo is wonderful to work with!

Jamberry has holiday themed wraps just in time for Halloween, Christmas, and the like. You're going to be AMAZED at the overall selection and the deals they currently have!

Again, go HERE to join the party! This is a link specifically for Thriller Mom guests! You can make purchases, host your own party, or become a consultant all on the same page. Convenience is key right? You're so very welcome! 

We are also hosting  a contest/drawing (courtesy of Jo) for a Jamberry fun pack! It will look similar to the one in the picture below and INCLUDE a nail wrap design of the winners choice! I think that's so AWESOME! Each order gets one entry and the drawing will be on 11/9/2015
BE SURE to order your wraps today to become eligible for the prize.

You don't want to miss out!

The design you see at the top is "Carnival."
As always, thanks for being here & for your support! Let me know how your nail wraps work out for YOU! Don't forget to click on the lady below to keep me as a Top Mommy Blogger. It is greatly appreciated!

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