October 22, 2015

How To Create Sunshine On Crappy Days

Today you feel crappy huh? It happens for sure. Sometimes it feels almost impossible to get out of a funk.

With flows come ebbs. With ups come downs. It’s the natural order of things. The greatest truth, however, is that you don’t have to allow those thoughts and feelings to govern your day... or your life.

You can rise above them!
I consider myself a positive person, an “optimistic realist” if you will. I’ve learned how to look at situations for what they are and find the positivity. Sometimes the positivity is simply “that things could be worse” and that’s usually enough to help me feel better.

Although I’m consistently seeking to evolve and to encourage others, I’d be lying if I claimed that all of my days were bright, sunny, and glorious. I’ve gone through many things in my lifetime. Some things you wouldn’t believe if I told you!

I’m sure you have too!

Do YOU ever have days that your inner dialogue, your self-talk, is horrible? Do you ever compare your life (health, finances, appearance, success, education, relationships) to that of others? I know I do!

There are areas of my life that make me feel discouraged… if I allow them to.

So how do I climb out of this mess? How do I get out of a funk and find my happy place on crappy days? I’m sharing my tactics with you in hopes that when you’re ebbing, you will have the help you need to get you back into the flow of positivity!

Don’t isolate yourself 
There were times I couldn’t get out of bed, eat, or smile and I definitely didn’t want to be around anyone. DON’T DO THIS TO YOURSELF! Talk to someone you trust. If you don’t have people to confide it, get out and do activities that involve being around others. Sometimes just being in the presence of other people can do wonders for your psyche!  To converse or not to converse... that decision is yours to make.

Soak Up Positivity
Read those self-help books you once made fun of! There’s really good stuff in many of them to get you smiling again! I’ve come across some cheesy ones but search until you find one that’s your style of reading. You can also find great articles online. *hint, hint* While you're at it, find something funny to watch. Laughter is a wonderful mood booster!

Listen To Upbeat Music
Music is a sure way to get me fired up and feeling better! There’s nothing like letting loose with a dance or belting out a song. Who cares if you can’t dance or sing well? Let it out! And for goodness sakes, don’t listen to melancholy music when you’re already in a somber mood!

Listen To Motivational Speakers
Youtube is a great place to find videos like this. You can simply type in motivational speakers or search for specific names. Some of my faves are Louise Hay, Andy Dooley, Mike Dooley, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Joel Osteen, Iyanla Vanzant, Tony Robbins, and TD Jakes to name a few. These people are my go-tos. Find the ones that resonate with you!

Believe In A Higher Power
In my life, my higher power is God. I believe in God. Always have, always will. I understand that not everyone does and that’s okay. It’s your right to believe as you wish. I do suggest finding something to believe in whether it’s the power of intention, laws of attraction, karma, or simply faith in the power of good. Doing so helps you to feel that you’re not in this life-thing alone and that your efforts aren’t for nought! If this concept isn’t your cup of tea, do what works for you.

Gratitude Lists
I’ve written in a journal since I was a young girl. Writing has always been a release for me. As an adult, I learned about the power of gratitude. Being grateful for the things and people in my life has truly changed me and the outcome of many situations. When everything seems to be going wrong, it’s not always easy to count your blessings but it’s one of the best things you can do! Write down EVERYTHING you have to be thankful/grateful for in your life. Writing it gives you a visual to refer to.

Think about it, what makes you feel better: thinking of things that are right with life or wrong?

If you will open yourself up to positivity in these ways, you’ll make room for more positive experiences to show up! I’m not feeding you some washed-up crap, I’m telling you from my own experiences. (Share your methods with me too!)

You CAN create your own sunshine! Try it!

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